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Ildiko's Sweet Red Cabbage

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Red Cabbage is a beautiful vegetable.  Add some apples and red preserves and it’s also a wonderful side dish! Easy to prepare and quite a superb presentation. My dear friend Ildiko was a Cordon Bleu trained cook. She shared many recipes with me, including this dish, now a favorite at our home.


Eating at her house was a delicious occasion every time.  We all loved her food so much that once when my then 4-year-old son wanted to run away from home, changing his mind, he asked if he could just run to her house for his meals. She said it was the best complement she’d ever received as a cook !

Foodie Lit

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Mothers who disappear or are in jail. Fathers who die or have hidden identities. Children who search for their parents and try to find them or substitutes.

The quandaries do not end. Husbands with other families. Organized crime lurking. Racial and religious identities threatening .


Florence Osmund is fascinated with identity and family. In Nineteen Hundred Days, The Coach House and Daughters, she disturbs the smooth surface of the life of her characters. She removes their safety and then allows them to develop strength and safety for themselves.

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