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Happy Halloween

Get ready for Halloween!

Join Us In The Kitchen!

Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob

Susan's Foodie Lit review of Amani's River  by David Hartness and

a traditional Mozambique recipe.

Graveyard Pudding

Avery helping make Halloween treat

Halloween's fun in the kitchen with kids, family and friends.


Make Graveyard Pudding as a home treat or to bring to a Halloween party or pot luck.


It's probably one of the few times you get to play with your food and really get creative!  There are so many “scary” and playful ideas for decorating your food.

It's also the perfect time to get your kids, family or friends involved in the kitchen and spend some fun time together.  Mention candy and ideas will really start flowing!


You can also try searching online for an almost endless pictures and recipes to guide you! In one bite, get a sugar and Halloween high!

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