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Happy Easter

Mirta Ines Trupp's,  With Love, The Argentina Family and Becoming Malka  Teachers couldn’t pronounce her name and students couldn’t figure out who she was. “Here at home, I struggled to find myself within the American tapestry. I was acutely aware of how different we seemed to be from others. Not only were we immigrants, but we didn’t quite fit the mold. … I couldn’t find my niche.”  

How to Make Your Own Gravlax

What a fabulous breakfast or brunch for a special occasion, such as having family over for Easter. Gravlax is an un-smoked salt cured salmon, made by packing a dry cure of salt and sugar over fresh salmon. And here's how you can make it yourself!

Easy to Make at Home

It is very easy to make at home and the recipe can be cut in half. You may add other herbs or thinly sliced citrus over top to give the lox a different flavor.


Key to Success

The key is to slice the salmon as thin as you can. You can wrap and freeze any extra lox for another time.


So Many Variations

Lox is excellent on top of a bagel with cream cheese, in pasta with peas and pesto sauce, blended with a soft cheese for a dip, added to deviled eggs or made into an upscale pizza appetizer.

Check out Lisa's video on what she eats in a day during her 100 day self-challenge!

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