Mixed Fruit Tart

Mixed Fruit Tart.jpg

Apples, peaches, plums, berries—all fruit is abundant, whether you buy at a supermarket, roadside stand or farmer’s market. 


Fruit is a wonderful end to a meal, now as the summer comes to a close.  Fruit tarts are easy and fun to put together, with so much creativity possible. 


Create a mixed fruit tart or highlight one fruit. Drizzle with jam or add a dollop of whipped cream for a delicious and a beautiful presentation. 

Foodie Lit

When The Clocks Stopped.jpg

In M. L. Eaton's, When the Clocks Stopped, Hazel and her husband move into a centuries old English house in Rype-in-the-Marsh. Hazel begins to see ghostly images of another woman. When both women are threatened by the violence of smuggling rings, they unite across time.

“So we are having this conversation in timelessness? How can that be?” Hazel asks.

Annie responds, “Knows’t thou not that the veil between the worlds is rent, here in Rype?” 


Read on to see if Hazel and Annie can change each other's futures.

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