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The Royal Dell's Health Salad

Health Salad. 4 (1).jpg

This salad was a best seller at my dad’s deli, The Royal Dell. We had it at our house as a regular side dish and snack when I was growing up.

I remember going to my dad’s store, my mouth watering as I waited to dip my hand into the pickle barrel, taste a bit of the sweet vinegary taste of the coleslaw, the melt in your mouth potato salad and the crunchy goodness of the health salad.


This is the first time I am sharing his salad recipes.I hope my dad’s Health Salad becomes a favorite in your home. It is in mine!

Foodie Lit

Gila Green. WhiteZion.jpg

Gila Green said, “My stories are about everyday people tackling immigration, racism, colonialism, occupation, alienation, war, politics, abuse, romance, poverty, terrorism, and survival.”

Her writing is wonderfully evocative, with much revealed in her characters and plot and in their lives’ difficulties. I was drawn in immediately and thought to myself, “Gila is a serious writer.”

She’s on my list to follow.

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