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Bubble and Squeak

Foodie Lit

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Who could resist making a recipe with a name like Bubble and Squeak? We love this traditional British recipe that makes use of leftover vegetables, which are a terrific way to save money and not waste food. 


Leftover potatoes are mashed and vegetables added in, the potatoes acting like a delicious mortar! Make sure to cook enough to create a gold crust on both sides—worth the wait.

A big waste of money in our grocery budget is having food that is not eaten and goes bad before you get a chance to use it. Bubble And Squeak is a most delicious way to utilize veggies you haven’t used. Ah, the glory of leftovers!

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This is a romance perfect for Valentine's Day. Suspense helps drive its characters and plot with themes of grief, regret, and second chances. The three wounded characters have deep conflicts and all are on a journey of growth. Zoey is a unique character, filled with personality, teenage moodiness and strivings to be an independent person. Being in a wheel chair sets her apart, yet Rodney Walther’s strong and apt character develop-ment allows us to sit in her chair as we read. 


The relationships feel real and the conflicts hard to solve—which make Space in the Heart a rewarding read.

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