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A most happy Passover

and Easter season!

Almond Flour Brownies

Justification for Murder.jpg

Light, chewy and chocolaty—just as brownies should be. Perfect for Passover or when you need gluten or flour free. 

Why should Passover or gluten free recipes taste anything but delicious? And for those who need sugar free, I just discovered a sugar free confectioner's sugar.  My diabetic husband is back in chocolate icing heaven!

Doubles easily and freezes well.


My new favorite go to brownie recipe!

Justification for Murder

Saffron Meadows is being stalked.

Someone is trying to kill her. Repeatedly.

Speaking to a police detective, she confides,

“I feel as if I’m in a bad movie. These things

don’t happen to regular people.”

‘You’d be surprised,” he said.

Author Elin Barnes told me, "Even though

everybody says California is laid back,

Silicon Valley is the exception. People are

driven because they have dreams they

believe are possible to achieve. It's not

unusual to work until early morning hours

during crunch times and we all work on the

weekends at least some of the time."


Everyone's driven in this novel, including the criminals. 

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