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Cheesy and Breaded Zucchini

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Zucchini is a hero among vegetables, from the great zoodles to stuffed to these amazing crunchy, cheesy slivers. So versatile! This recipe is quick and easy to make and guaranteed to be loved even by veggie haters! These slivers make a great presentation, are so crunchy and enhance the rest of the meal, from hamburgers to chicken pesto to our eggplant-lettuce and tomato sandwich. And best of all, this side dish is so delicious. 

Foodie Lit

Been Searching for You.jpg

Nicole Evelina told me that Been Searching for You  “is very personal. I started writing it because I was tired of many romance novels forcing the heroine to be married by the time she was 30,…[even though] I haven’t yet experienced this in real life. I am a hopeless romantic and I firmly believe in soul mates.”


Romance readers will love this novel bursting with singles searching for romance. “That's what rom-coms are, after all, fairy tales for those who have outgrown Cinderella, but still want the prince and princess to get married in the end.” And that’s what you are going to find—a modern Cinderella story that can happen.

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