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                                  is a unique approach to everyday cooking that develops easy to follow and customizable recipes.  Whether meat and potatoes are your thing or your menu is mostly fruits and vegetables, we teach you to improvise on a daily basis.

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Making instant oatmeal

Instant Oatmeal for the win

Oatmeal is a favorite breakfast that is healthy, filling and inexpensive to make. Instant oatmeal packets are popular but you can make your own portions for so much less!


Anything store bought will cost more. Break down one container of oatmeal to make over 20 portions for 5 cents a packet.


Secret tip: The secret to recreate “instant oatmeal packets” is to simply blend part of the oats into an oat flour. This gives the oatmeal a creamy, rich texture and flavor as well as cutting the cooking time. It’s so easy to make your own inexpensive version. You can recreate your favorite flavors by simply following the base recipe and adding your dry fruit or seasoning.


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