How to make watermelon juice:

If you have a blender, it’s pretty simple and can be made in 

3 easy steps.


1. Using a serrated knife remove the dark outer green from 

the watermelon.

2. Cut rinds into pieces and fill your blender no more than 

1/2 full with rinds.

3. Purée until smooth and strain.


How to add watermelon rind to a stir-fry

Watermelon rind makes a wonderful addition to any stir-fry recipe. The rind is very plain and neutral tasting with a crunchy texture. It is a wonderful addition and cooks similar to a carrot or other crunchy vegetables.


1. Using a serrated knife remove the dark outer green from the watermelon.

2. Thinly slice the rind and add with vegetables of choice for your stir-fry.

3. Cook and add sauce of choice. 

4. Serve over rice.

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