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Passover was always my favorite holiday growing up.  Check out my Passover recipes for a variety of menu choices, traditional and new. We pray that all, including those suffering in captivity, will receive the blessings of freedom and peace. Happy Passover to those celebrating!

Bring the hostages home.

Grilled Lamb with Roasted Vegetables

Grilled Lamb Shoulder

Serves 2


Spice Rub

2 large garlic cloves

½ teaspoon Dijon or other sharp mustard

1 teaspoon fresh rosemary leaves or 1/2 teaspoon dried leaves

1 tablespoon Balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon margarine, softened

A few grinds of pepper


1 pound Lamb Shoulder

4-5 thin onion slices


  1. Place the ingredients in spice rub in a food processor. Process until smooth but not watery.

  2. Coat the lamb on both sides. Let sit for at least ½ hour or overnight in refrigerator.

  3. Heat the grill until hot. I used an on top of the stove grill. You can also use an outdoor grill.

  4. Place lamb on top of grill. If you like, add sliced onions around the lamb for a fabulous flavor.

  5. (If you are using an outdoor grill, keep the onion slice whole and a bit thick so it won’t fall through

  6. the grate.

  7. Grill for 4 minutes or until bottom is browned. Turn the lamb over and grill other side about 3-4

  8. minutes or until a meat thermometer registers 145 F.

  9. Remove from grill and let sit for 5 minutes before slicing. Serve with roasted and multi-colored bell peppers and carrots for a beautiful presentation and taste!  The recipe easily multiples to serve more.

Expandthetable suggestions

Spice Rub uses: Use spice rub on beef or chicken you want to grill or roast.

Kosher for Passover: Make sure mustard, balsamic vinegar and margarine are kosher for Passover. Some do not use mustard for the holiday. Use ½ teaspoon kosher for Passover white horseradish in place of mustard.

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Foodie Lit

There are times that a book sticks in your mind. After reading The Face of God for The Next Generation Indie Book Awards, for which I am a judge, I thought of it often. Anguished and inspiring, Martin Drake, a conniving, corrupt, drunk, genius of a sculptor raises himself up to begin to create real art again. Pushing him is a strange and inspiring priest, Father Manoel, from Brazil, who despises Drake and his art. As the novel progresses, we see that the sculptor and the priest are opposite halves that slowly are revealed to be parts of each. Ironically and irrevocably, they are drawn to each other, inspiring the artist to find passion again in his art and the priest to find purpose in helping the artist regain his faith. The priest thinks, “Perhaps that’s why I am here…Perhaps I’ve been sent to help this man.” And the sculptor thinks, “When he fought against this priest he felt as if he fought against himself.” A wonderful read!

A Grilled Lamb Shoulder is an elegant choice for dinner, whether a delightful dinner for yourself, a romantic dinner for 2 or a holiday meal, such as a Passover Seder.  (This is also great treat for Mother’s Day, just around the corner!) The more economical shoulder cut is tenderized by the balsamic vinegar in the herbal spice rub—the acid helps tenderize the meat. Even for those who say they don’t like lamb, grilling develops a whole new taste, the perfect method to get that smoky, charred taste that makes this dish truly delicious.

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