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Mushroom Bourguignon

Foodie Lit

Mushroom Burguignon.jpg

Mushroom Bourguignon has the wonderfully rich flavors of its beef cousin, with mushrooms replacing the meat without any loss of flavor.  Whether you are aiming for some meatless meals this summer, are a vegetarian or vegan or observing the 9 days before Tisha B’Av, Mushroom Bourguignon is a dish fit for company, a special celebration or a treat for your family.


As with many stew type dishes, other vegetables can be added—but don’t skimp on the mushrooms or red wine to allow for a most wonderful flavor to develop!

The Kitchen Brigade.jpg

Laurie Boris told me it was both fun and terrifying to write her dystopian novel, The Kitchen Brigade. A long history of these novels, includes perhaps the famous Orwell’s 1984. These are grim views of the future.


Laurie places her main scenes in the kitchen. She explained, “I liked the focus of the kitchen because of the universality and the comfort it creates. It transcends language and cultural differences. It’s a refuge as well as a hotbed of conflict.” A frightening look at a future we hope will never come.

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