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Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah!

Holiday Menus

Foodie Lit

Turkey carved and ready.jpg

With Thanksgiving this week, Chanukah next week and Christmas around the corner, there are holiday meals to plan, often company to host and delicious treats to make to bring to family and friends. No matter who is at your table, there are great foods to be had. I have created festive meat, vegetarian and vegan meals, dairy free and diabetic friendly, which can be combined in any way you wish, depending on the needs and tastes of the diners.

Some great tips for Thanksgiving and Chanukah meals and of course, for any special occasion. Links to a list of salads, sides and desserts are given at the bottom. So many healthy meals--no need to put on pounds--eat health and delish at the same time!

Links to recipes are below.

Tomorrow's Flight.jpg

A commercial flight goes through turbulence and then crashes into an unknown time and place, the Cretaceous Era, when humans did not yet exist.  Tomorrow's Flight is not a typical time travel novel, rather the playing with time questions our beliefs of who we are as people, what we would do to survive and how, if the opportunity is given, would we change fate?

Dalton, the youngest plane passenger muses, “There’s so little about this world or time that we understand. And, really, we have no idea where we are.” The other characters and many readers agree.  Martyn Ellington and Steven Stiefel are to be congratulated for writing this fabulous read.

First Course Meat/Fish

Crusty Olive Pecan Loaf.jpg
Cinnamon Rolls.jpg

Vegetarian and Vegan

Baked stuffed mushrooms.jpg

Main Course

Roast Chicken or Turkey



Roasted Leg of Lamb



Beef and Mushroom Stew



Crusted Cod with Warm Salad Niçoise

Roast Chicken with lemon.jpg
Roasted Leg of Lamb.JPG
Beef & Mushroom Stew 2005-500V.jpg
Cod with Salad Niçoise for 2 (3).jpeg

Main Course: Vegetarian
Mushroom Spinach Quiche 

Roasted Vegetable Tart  (vegan option included)

Salmon with Cheesy Spinach Encroute

Savory Vegetable Galette

Roasted Vegetable Tart.jpeg
Spinach Mushroom Quiche (7).jpeg
Salmon with cheese and spinach en croute (4).jpeg
Savory Vegetable Galette.jpeg
Tomato, avocado, quinoa bowl tossed.jpg
Couscous Muffalata (1).jpg
Buttercup Squash with Couscous Pilaf (1).jpg
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