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Chanukah Chocolate Babka Challah

Chanukah 8 nights.jpg

Happy Chanukah,

Festival of Lights

Chag Urim Sameach!

Chanukah challah with chanukiah.jpg

Chocolate coins are a favorite at Chanukah. I’ve taken the chocolate and put it in the challah. What occurs is a marriage between a sweet challah and a babka. What a taste!!

Light and sweet and chocolatey makes this challah one that will become a family tradition. Many thanks to my baking friends for their suggestions as I was developing this recipe!

In the darkness of the winter, the lights of Chanukah brighten the home and shine out into the world. A most Happy Holiday of Lights to our Jewish readers.

Rebel PuritAn.jpg

Herodias Long had a long and unusual life. It was author Jo Ann Butler’s luck that while doing a genealogical search, she found this extraordinary woman in her ancestry.


Herod remains outspoken throughout her life, pushing 17th century boundaries in Massachusetts.  By the time she reaches 34, Herod has broken societal norms, made it into Colonial records and born 10 children.

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