Stuffed Zucchini-Kusa Mihshi

Sarah Ibrahim Dixon, of FoodofthePharoah and I are both members of the fabulous FB Cook’s Cook Community Forum. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe--I've already made a vegetarian version. This is a recipe for everyone!

"I’m a health-conscious cook and advocate of Egyptian food. As a second-generation descendant to parents from Cairo, I take great pride in our culture. Cooking allows me to have a connection to both the US and my ancestors.


One of my favorite dishes, which I’m happy to share, is Stuffed Zucchini or in Arabic, Kousa Mahshi. I must give credit to my mother because it was she who taught me how to make this dish. But upon leaving home and marrying a health-conscious American man, I realized that this recipe needed tweaking!


I decided added my own little twist that would make it healthier while keeping the same great delicious taste. This recipe was created for everyone looking to have a healthy Egyptian experience all in one dish."

Foodie Lit

It's A Piece of Cake by author Laurie Lunsford and iIllustrator Brittani Gothard one of the best children's books I've read. This is such a perfect book to read to your child at bedtime, to pull a grandchild onto your lap during a visit, for teachers to read to a class, volunteers to library groups—can’t think of a time it wouldn’t work.

And I have the perfect cake to eat while reading!

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Eat, Read and Dream. Order for the holidays!!  Inspired by my Foodie Lit columns and now available on Amazon & Book Baby. Order now!

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