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A big thank you to members of the Armed Services for their service to our country. We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice as we commemorate Memorial Day 2016.

5 Easy and Healthy Snacks

I'm hungry! I'm hungry!!

Here are 5 easy and healthy snacks that will satisfy any hungry child or adult.

1. Popcorn- One of my favorite go-to's. We keep a bag of organic kernels in the pantry and use a popcorn maker to pop them. It's very inexpensive and you can add different seasonings to change the flavor.

2. Edamame- This are cooked soybeans. You can find soybeans still in their pods in the freezer section of most grocery stores. Just steam and sprinkle with salt. Or buy them out of their pods and ready to eat. Fun to snack on!

3. Veggies with avocado dip or hummus- Veggies just taste better when you can dip them into something. Try mashing a ripe avocado. Then season with salt for a very tasty dip. Or make/buy your favorite humus.

4. Ants on a log- This is a stalk of celery with nut butter and raisins on top. A wonderful combination of crunchy, salty and sweet tastes.

5. Homemade Sorbet and Nice-cream- All you need to make homemade frozen treats are frozen fruit and a food processor or blender.

a. Mango sorbet is frozen mango blended until smooth and creamy. You can also add other ingredients such as fresh orange or lemon or mint.

b. Nice cream is frozen bananas blended until smooth. This will resemble soft serve vanilla ice cream! Add to a cone and it's very satisfying

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