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Rutabega Fries

We’re all searching for those yummy tastes that are low carb. 


I yearned for those crunchy, yummy French fries. No more!  Now we can eat rutabaga fries for 1/3 the carbs of its potato cousin.

Bake instead of deep frying and you have a healthy side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Add our spice rub and perhaps a dot of ketchup.  


Fries heaven!

Foodie Lit

Saffron Meadows is being stalked. Someone is trying to kill her. Repeatedly.

Speaking to a police detective, she confides,

“I feel as if I’m in a bad movie. These things

don’t happen to regular people.”

‘You’d be surprised,” he said.

Author Elin Barnes told me, "While everybody says California is laid back, Silicon Valley is the exception. People are driven because they have dreams they believe are possible to achieve. It's not unusual to work until early morning hours during crunch times and we all work on the weekends at least some of the time."


Everyone's driven in her novel, including the criminals. 

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