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Pumpkin Pecan Loaf

Thank you for joining us in the kitchen! Share what you think of our new feature, Expand the Table, suggesting substitutions to allow more folks to enjoy the recipe.

While much of the country is settling in for cozy stews, chilies and soups, it’s perfect porch time down here in the Low Country, with heat and humidity dropping. 


Settle down with a glass of sweet tea and a slice of this moist, dense pumpkin-pecan loaf.


Easy to bake and freeze, make a few extra for Thanksgiving, just around the corner. Make as muffins or in small tins as great gifts.

Try cooking your own pumpkin from the wonderfully sweet small pumpkins perfect for baking.

Pumpkin-Pecan Loaf

Susan Weintrob

Our new Foodie Lit review is of S. L. Dwyer’s Depression/Dust Bowl novel, Dirt, a story of grit and determination. “It was a time where the true strength and grit of Americans was tested.”

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