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Meet our guest blogger, Sebastian Costard! Author of 7 wonderful novels, he's also a  talented baker, as you can see from his recipe!

Sebastian Costard, Author

Foodie Lit

Dark Pumpernickel

Walking into my dear friend and author Sebastian Costard's house recently, I was hit by an enticing smell of baking bread. Following my nose into the kitchen, I peeked through the glass into the oven, where a beautiful pumpernickel loaf was ready to come out. After it cooled a bit, I was given a slice with a bit of olive oil margarine. 


The bread was melting in my mouth.  “Sebastian,” I begged. “May I have this recipe?” He smiled and gave me another piece. Perfect for breakfast, sandwiches, or another slice as a present for me on the way home!

Madame Presidentess by Nicole Evelina

The first woman running for president is a tale filled with intrigue, scandal, enemies and lurid newspaper accounts, sexual innuendoes, financial scandals and marital woes. Biographical accounts are often brutal and vindictive.

No, this is not about Hillary Clinton but rather Victoria Woodhull who ran in 1872.

Like many politicians of her time and ours, Woodhull had affairs, used scandal to her advantage and made lots of money during her political career. 

A real rags to riches story by Nicole Evelina that you won't want to miss!

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