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Entertaining at Home for the High Holidays

Entertaining at Home? Not a problem. Start preparing now--so much can be make and frozen ahead of time so that you can also enjoy time with your family and guests!


Each of these recipes is on our blog--just click and be taken to the recipe!

Challah: Slow Rise Whole Wheat Challah

Soup: Nana’s Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup

Main: 3 Ingredient Sweet and Sour Meatballs

and/or Roasted Chicken or Turkey

Sides: Two Kugels

           Strawberry Asparagus Salad

Desserts: Apple Cake; Flourless Chocolate Pecan Torte


Tip: If you have  poultry leftovers, check out our suggestions:  *Rotisserie Chicken—many uses.

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