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Picnic Picks

For a successful picnic.......


  1. Freeze a bottle or two or water. You can use them as an ice pack for the food and then have a cold beverage as it melts.

  2. Make sure to put any items that are wet at the bottom of your bag and dry items on the top.

  3. Pack a roll of paper towels and an empty plastic bag for trash.

  4. Bring a knife to cut fruit, cheese, bread, etc.

  5. Don’t forget a wine or beer opener.

  6. Pack deposable cutlery, plates and cups for no clean up.


  1. Cold pasta salads

  2. Chicken, tuna or salmon salad on a baguette or in a pita (use whole wheat for a healthier choice)

  3. Veggie Wraps

  4. Fruit skewers, such as melon balls or kiwi, strawberry, pineapple on skewers

  5. Non-lettuce marinated salads with couscous, orzo or farro

  6. Fried chicken (after all, we’re from the South!)

  7. Sushi (vegan is best for an outdoor picnic)

  8. Vegetable salads, such as broccoli or bean, tabouli,

  9. Cold soup, such as gazpacho or cucumber

  10. Veggies and dips, such as humus and cut veggie stick

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