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Date Oat Bars

School has started or is just about to in your neighborhood. Date Oat Bars are perfect energy bites! Place in a lunchbox or bring some when you pick up your kids. Great snack for the office or at home. The ingredient combinations are limitless. This snack is not just for kids!

Click below and follow the links to Date Oat Bar recipe and other great recipes and tips for back to school. Save time, eat healthy and keep the brain food coming!

Susan's Foodie Lit review of Laura Wharton's Julia's Garden.  Landscape designer Lily McGuire takes over a big landscaping job after her boss unexpectedly dies and follows the clues to solve a long ago disappearance through a buried brooch and an unusual collection of toxic plants! Lily takes out time to eat Sweet Potato Pie at the restaurant of the same name and we share the restaurant's recipe!

Follow Lisa's video to make our Date Oat Bars!

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