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Homemade Waffle Pancake Mix

My 100 year old mom has a sweet tooth and loves waffles and pancakes for breakfast.  My husband and I avoid carbs. What to do? 


Our Homemade Waffle-Pancake Mix comes to the rescue!  Mix a large batch, make waffles and pancakes and freeze them!  Then you can pull a few out of the freezer for breakfast in a jif and seniors, youngsters in fact everyone can enjoy this yummy breakfast.

And you can be ready for your busy day without fuss!

Foodie Lit

“The actions of parents do affect the lives of their children. And like it or not, truth lays bare what I or was; but it can’t fix everything,” Emmett, the holder of family secrets tells Ann.


Layers of lies, half-truths and omissions peel off the characters in The Comfort of Shadows by Laurel Bragstad. The dreams turn out to be memories, although not always comforting ones.

“I guess it’s complicated,“ she finally said.

Her friend John replied,  “Yep. Most good stories are.”

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