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Tator Tots

Zucchini tots

Crunchy and flavorful, these Zucchini Tots are equally tasty as their more carby potato cousins.


With zucchini in season and plentiful most of the year, these tots have become a favorite at our house.


Perfect for any meal: breakfast with eggs and tots, lunch with a sandwich and tots or dine with steak and tots. 

Wonderfully sized for seniors to toddlers, make extra to keep up with those hungry eaters around the table!  Gluten free and vegan variations included. 

Foodie Lit

The only Blue Door.jpg

Joan Fallon’s historical novel, The Only Blue Door, was an intense read. The Children’s Resettlement Program sent thousands of children away from the bombings in London. Many were well cared for and happy. Surprisingly, a large number were sent away without parental permission or knowledge to Australian orphanages that were deplorable workhouses with unhealthy, unsafe conditions and sexual, physical and emotional abuse forced on children.


I wanted to cry out, “But you're supposed to be the good guys!”  But they weren’t, they weren’t.

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