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Crunchy Lettuce, Apple and Cucumber Salad

Crunchy Lettuce Apple Cucumber Salad.jpg

I love that crunch in a salad. After some heavy, if delicious, Thanksgiving food, this salad retains some fall traditions such as cranberries and walnuts or pecans, with that fresh taste of crisp apples and cucumbers. 


Green or Red Leaf Lettuce is a wonderful companion to the apples, cranberries and cucumbers.  Great for lunch, whether at work or home and a perfect side at dinner. This is a delightful vegan salad, crisp, moist and juicy.

Foodie Lit

Rebel PuritAn.jpg

Herodias Long, named unusually, had a long and unusual life. It was author Jo Ann Butler’s luck that while doing a genealogical search, she found this extraordinary woman in her ancestry.


Herod remains outspoken throughout her life, pushing the boundaries of 17th century Massachusetts, fleeing from Puritan tyranny to Rhode Island Colony, where she takes a stand for the Society of Friends, persecuted in Massachusetts Colony.  By the time she reaches 34, Herod has broken societal norms, made it into Colonial records and born 10 children.

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