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Thank you for joining us in the kitchen! Share what you think of our new feature, Expand the Table, suggesting substitutions to allow more folks to enjoy the recipe.

Our new Foodie Lit review is of S. L. Dwyer’s Depression/Dust Bowl novel, Dirt, a story of grit and determination. “It was a time where the true strength and grit of Americans was tested.”

Michelle's Stuffed Mushrooms

Michelle Water’s mushrooms simply blew me away when I had them at her home. I had to have the recipe! Then she told me, "I didn't measure anything -just kept adding and tasting as I went."  My kind of cook!  I jotted down the measurements as I made these delicious bites, following Michelle's comments.


These stuffed mushrooms are just right for an appetizer, a side dish or a fabulous brunch.  You have to fuss a little but if you lack a block of time, make the stuffing first, refrigerate and then stuff the mushrooms before you need to serve.  Don’t worry about the leftovers—there won’t be any!! 


While traditionally made with crab, using a crab substitute is equally delicious. 


Thanks Michelle!  Susan

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