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On this Memorial Day, we are grateful for all those who served and gave  their lives so that we can be free. Thank a vet and all those who have served our country, as you enjoy your BBQ or picnic.

Watermelon  Bowl

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So pretty a presentation for any get-together yet easy-peasy to create.  Make your fruit salad, cut the watermelon into a nice design, hollow out and fill the watermelon.  Add other favorite fruits as desired.  You are all set for a cool, sweet dessert!  Purée leftovers into a fabulous smoothie for breakfast tomorrow.

Foodie Lit

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The name of Of Half A Mind comes from the shadowy experiment that tries to rewire the right side of the brain. “There’s nothing to stop a lot of those right-side functions from disappearing, and many of them are what makes us human,” Sam says to Sue.  Bruce Perrin capitalizes on our fascination with technology and all that it might bring, while at the same time giving us a foreboding look at what can be wrought when technology and evil marry.

Watermelon Bowl


Serves 6-8

Fruit Salad:

1small round watermelon

1 mango, peeled and cut into pieces

6 ounces blueberries

1 pear, cored and cut into pieces

1 apple, cored and cut into small pieces

1 small cantaloupe, cut into small pieces

1 orange, peeled and cut into small segments

Watermelon cut into small pieces

2 teaspoons Amaretto, optional

  1. Cut zigzags into the upper third of the watermelon.  Cut the top of the watermelon into pieces and pull out the parts you have cut so only the zigzag is left. Hollow out the watermelon with a sharp knife, leaving a good thickness for the watermelon bowl.  Cut the watermelon into bite size pieces and place in bowl.

  2. Add rest of fruit to bowl. If desired, add 2 teaspoons of Amaretto to fruit salad. Gently mix together.  Refrigerate until you serve.

  3. Purée any leftovers into a smoothie!

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