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everydayhappyfoods|Lisa Rovick|Susan Weintrob

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

everydayhappyfoods|Chocolate Garnish

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Making Chocolate Garnishes


Making chocolate garnishes sounds hard, but trust us!

It's a piece of cake!


4 Easy Steps


These 4 easy steps will give you

beautiful chocolate pieces that you

can use on top of cakes and other

desserts. You can also add dried fruit

and nuts to make custom chocolate



                                                          1. Melt chocolate (any kind).

                                                          2. Pour onto a parchment lined sheet                                                           tray and spread evenly.                                                                                 Tip- You can melt another chocolate                                                             such as a white chocolate and swirl                                                             into the other one to get a fancy look.

                                                          3. Cool in the refrigerator until hard.                                                               4. Break into pieces.



Any extras can be stored in the refrigerator or freeze for a longer shelf life.


everydayhappyfoods|Chocolate Garnsih
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