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Editing Unlimited will make your writing ready for publication or completion for work or school, in your style and your voice. This includes book or dissertation manuscripts and strategizing social media content, such as your website, blog or Facebook. If appropriate for educational settings, I will also work with you to develop an educators portal, creating guides to teach your book.
We all need to discuss our work, get feedback and develop our writing and content.

I’m here to help with reasonable rates and quick turn around time in the following areas:

Proofreading includes all areas of grammar such as:

  • punctuation

  • verb tenses

  • capitalization

  • spelling

General editing includes reviewing:

  • clarity

  • development and flow of ideas

  • point of view

  • sentence structure

  • word choice

  • style  

Social Media Content:

  • showcase your brand 

  • build your community

  • Web content, such as a blog

  • Prepare for a launch

Educators Portal

  • guiding questions

  • class activities

  • lesson Plans

  • important links to outside sources

  • public, charter, private, museum and homeschooling educators


As an experienced editor and published author, I know how hard it is to perfect writing on your own. My experience includes more than two decades of teaching Literature and Composition in high school and college. For many years, I helped develop resumes, edit essays and dissertations and currently have been editing novels, social media content for authors and developing educator portals.

Let's talk about your writing.

Susan Weintrob

What Writers Are Saying About Editing Unlimited

I couldn’t have wished for a better partner than Susan. Elin Barnes

It is seldom that I find someone to work with who has more passion about writing than I do. But Susan is that person. She’s incredibly creative, coming up with myriad of ideas, regardless of what avenue we chose to proceed in. 

Thank you, Susan, for loving literature. S. L. Dwyer

I can’t say enough about Susan’s knowledge and dedication to literature. She has this ability that a writer rarely finds in a reader – she truly “understands” the story and what the writer is trying to convey to the reader. .

Susan sees inside the phrases I write and improves them. Sebastian Costard

Reconciliation of one’s own passions, as a writer, comes at a price. The price is the redactor’s pen. That pen belongs to Susan Weintrob, herself an author, journalist, and editor who can see inside the phrases I write and improve them...

Susan’s dedication to the written word is second to none. Jeanne Moran

She has a keen eye for details like punctuation and grammar, but never loses sight of the big picture – the story arc and its emotional heart. 

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