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Easy Cheesy Cauliflower

Such an easy recipe and so delicious.  Get those cauliflower haters to love this very versatile vegetable.


The prep and cook time is about 15 minutes, perfect when rushing after work, school or any busy day.  Can easily be made ahead of time and refrigerating or by steaming the cauliflower and adding the cheese later.  


Experiment and see which cheese you like the best.

Foodie Lit

Lynne Kennedy said to me, “Photography hugely impacted the way society viewed the war.  Through the photographs, the public got up close and personal to the horrid battleground landscapes…that they may otherwise have only imagined.”  And in Time Exposure, Lynne Kennedy makes Civil War photography the lens of her historical mystery novel, with an intriguing solving of the mystery 140 years later.

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