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Her father and later her half-brother were her masters.  But family ties did not free her nor guarantee fair treatment. Sarah’s situation worsens, becoming so horrific that she fears for her life from her step-brother-master’s brutality. Sarah Kinney Lewis, born into slavery in 1790, finally escapes to Simcoe, Canada in 1822 with three of her children. Read Susan's Foodie Lit review of David Beasley's Sarah's Journey.

Sarah's Tomato Pie

Heirloom Tomatoes are in season and who can resist their wonderful flavor and colors? This Tomato Pie is a great meal in itself with a crisp salad. This simple recipe allows you to enjoy the color palette, savor the contrast of the tomatoes with the cheese and eggs. Individual tarts make a wonderful alternative for lunch, a buffet or breakfast.

This week's recipe is inspired by the Foodie Lit choice, Sarah's Journey. Farms and gardens in Simcoe provided many meals for the escaped slave Sarah Kinney Lewis and her family, especially in the summer. We created a Tomato Pie that Sarah could have easily made with the summer season's abundance.

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