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Dutch Apple Tart

Foodie Lit

Appeltart with Neil 2.jpg

This Appeltaart is so good—a slightly thicker crust and more apples than the regular pie and don’t forget the sweet golden raisins!  Add a dollop of cream and a cup of coffee and there won’t be a sweet tooth that won’t be satisfied! Just melts in your mouth.


The sugary crust is delicious and not a crumb will remain. American as Apple Pie may have to be expanded to Dutch as an Apple Tart! It’s on my list to make again very soon.


My husband loved it!

The Lover's Portrait.jpg

Jennifer Alderson has created a fast paced and suspenseful historical novel about art theft In the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. Two time lines connect the plot.


Jennifer has pulled together all of this data into an exciting and suspenseful historical novel. Zelda Richardson, our modern sleuth, is impulsive, courageous, feisty and smart as Sherlock Holmes in sniffing out clues. I immediately liked her!


An archivist helping Zelda tells her grimly, “This was truly a dire period for the Netherlands, and all of Europe really. I could tell you so many heartbreaking stories…”

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