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Antipasto Salad

What to do when a childhood friend stops over to visit your 100-year-old mother?  


Clean out the refrigerator and make a most fabulous Antipasto Salad. With so many choices on the platter, there is something everyone will like!

Talk about an expandable recipe!  Add any vegetable, fresh or roasted, pasta salad—and you have a perfect lunch or dinner for family and friends, picnics and BBQ’s. This meal is healthy, crunchy and smooth and full of tastes that marry and contrast.  

Foodie Lit

The romance of rails is written into just about every scene in The Dining Car. Who wouldn’t want to live, like main character Horace Button, in a private railcar fitted up with bedrooms, an observing balcony and a gourmet kitchen? Horace Button, a self-absorbed gourmet alcoholic, turns out to be a likeable and intelligent fellow.

Eric Peterson develops an unusual plot, memorable and unconventional characters---with a satisfying ending in which the main characters find they are stronger than they imagined.

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