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Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms

Balsamic glazed mushrooms (1).jpg

Mushrooms are a favorite at our house, whether on pizza, in soups, in pilaf or meatless chopped ‘liver.”  An absolute mouth waterer is a stand alone mushroom dish—mushrooms with a balsamic glaze.  Use white button mushrooms or baby Portabellos or if you have some luck, wild Chanterelles. All will melt in your mouth.


These balsamic glazed mushrooms are a perfect accompaniment with roast Chicken, grilled salmon or a light Alfredo pasta. And if you're looking for a side for Thanksgiving—this is a perfect choice!

Foodie Lit

The Blue Hour.jpg

The Blue Hour by Patti Davis is a perfect read for Halloween, complete with ghosts, graveyards and a bit of magic. It is one of those wonderful books that is part fairy tale, part allegory, part time-slip and… part mean adolescent bullying.


The novel has a clear message yet the characters, the magic and the quest are expertly woven together from the first to the last word, so the book is not moralistic. It is haunting and is paired with a Pumpkin Harvest Soup to read with!

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