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Ricotta Pancakes

Ricotta Pancakes (1).jpg

My mom used to make us cottage cheese pancakes with leftover cottage cheese. I was brought up by parents who lived through the Depression and did not like to waste food.


There was no recipe, just an adding a bit of flour and eggs and cottage cheese until the mixture looked right.  I had some ricotta cheese, left over from making last week's 3 Onion Quiche. Why not try the same type of pancake with leftover ricotta cheese and blueberries? 


The result?  Delicious and light. My mom said they were better than her cottage cheese pancakes!

Foodie Lit

The only Blue Door.jpg

Joan Fallon’s historical novel, The Only Blue Door, was an intense read. The Children’s Resettlement Program sent thousands of children away from the bombings in London. Many were well cared for and happy. Surprisingly, a large number were sent away without parental permission or knowledge to Australian orphanages that were deplorable workhouses with unhealthy, unsafe conditions and sexual, physical and emotional abuse forced on children.


I wanted to cry out, “But you're supposed to be the good guys!”  But they weren’t, they weren’t.

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