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What authors are saying about Editing Unlimited

Elin Barnes

It is seldom that I find someone to work with who has more passion about writing than I do. But Susan is that person. She’s incredibly creative, coming up with myriad of ideas, regardless of what avenue we chose to proceed in. Even when we switch gears in mid-stream, the next day she has a full set of proposals we can do to tackle the new adventures. She is fun to work with and always invites me to think outside of the box. I couldn’t have wished for a better partner in the very scary and unknown world of book and brand promotion.

Elin Barnes

Justification for Murder     Blood Allegiance

Smoke Screen                  Fatal Failure (forthcoming)

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree for her 3 published novels

S. L. Dwyer

I can’t say enough about Susan’s knowledge and dedication to literature. She has this ability that a writer rarely finds in a reader – she truly “understands” the story and what the writer is trying to convey to the reader. What seemed like a small detail to me, as the writer, actually became the main theme of the story through her eyes.


 I will never publish another book without Susan’s editing and input. I value each and every comment she makes in relation to not just the story, but how it was assembled to result in the best read possible.


Thank you, Susan, for loving literature.


S. L. Dwyer

Award winning author of Dirt

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Sebastian Costard

Reconciliation of one’s own passions, as a writer, comes at a price. The price is the redactor’s pen. That pen belongs to Susan Weintrob, herself an author, journalist, and editor who can see inside the phrases I write and improve them without compromising the thought committed to paper, only to make it unmistakable, unambiguous.

Above all her work is precise, correcting misappropriated punctuation and ordering syntax. What is more, she makes certain that the author has amended inconsistencies or what is unclear.

Susan Weintrob is a successful and accomplished editor. She is insightful with her helpful suggestions and keen editorial insights.  Without her, we could not have reached our destination.

Sebastian Costard

Like a Box of Chocolates              Final Judgment

Inside the Circle                            The Broken Circle

Prophet of the New Dawn              The Tentative Assassin

Jeanne Moran

As a blogger, author, reviewer, and editor, Susan’s dedication to the written word is second to none. She has a keen eye for details like punctuation and grammar, but never loses sight of the big picture – the story arc and its emotional heart. She gently corrects errors and reminds the author of what’s needed when we go astray. My books (and my readers!) have benefitted from her input.

Jeanne Moran

Award winning author of Risking Exposure

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree for Historical Fiction. 

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