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Make Your Thanksgiving Extra Fancy

Here are a few easy tips to fancy up your day:


A few beautiful, fancy and great tasting stuffings and presentations

1. Try different breads: cornbread, sour dough, focaccia, pumpernickel, chiabatta, challah, French bread, brioche, wheat or raisin bread.

2. Try these great stuffing add-ins: tart chopped apples, bacon, wild mushrooms, herbs, pecans, walnuts, Italian sausage, caramelized onions, pear, dried cherries and cranberries, golden raisins, chestnuts, sautéed kale, braised collards or cubed butternut squash.

3. Make stuffing in muffin tins for easy and adorable serving

Some great turkey substitutes

Instead of or in addition to turkey, try pork loin, beef tenderloin or a meat substitute.

Making your pies presentation great

Add whipped cream on top of your pie.: The bright white color of the cream adds a nice contrast to the pie as well as some height. It automatically looks like it came from a fancy bakery or if it's store bought it now looks homemade


DIY Easy Thanksgiving decorations

Pinecones: spray paint for table, hang from ribbons or put around candles,

Cranberry and popcorn on strings hung from bushes or on door

Cinnamon sticks tied in ribbon with names for seating

Answers to Thanksgiving Quiz

1. 1621

2. The Pilgrims and Wampanoag Native Americans, most famously Squanto

3.  3 days

4. a. Turkey yes, b. Stuffing no, c. Mashed potatoes no, d. Corn yes, e. Barley yes, f. Venison yes, g. Beef No

5. They were inspired from reading about the Biblical holiday of Sukkot, Feast of the Tabernacles, a harvest holiday that also gave thanks.

6. President Abraham Lincoln make Thanksgiving a national holiday by on Oct. 3, 1863.

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