Get ready for Mother's Day with this great salad.

Faux Crab Salad

A bit of onion, carrot and celery for the crunch, a spot of horseradish for a little hot, a small amount of creamy mayonnaise and the slightly sweet surimi make this salad one of my favorites.


This tasty recipe is perfect for a Mother’s Day Brunch! It works well for any meal, small family lunch and is great for baby or wedding showers. We ate the salad when the lights went out! Perfect with candlelight. 


Scoop the salad over a bed of greens, serve with veggies and olives on the side or put in a crusty roll. This is a wonderful salad for those who don’t eat crab.

Foodie Lit

Catana Tully's memoir, Split At the Root, takes her readers on an intense journey into identity, motherhood and what labels mean. At times despondent, at time joyful, the author pulls herself apart until she finds her core.

Catana had two mothers, each very different from the other. Her birth mother was a Guatamalen of color and the mother who raised her a white German. Today, Catana checks the "other" box on forms regarding her identity.

The search to find her own identity nearly broke her apart.  How Catana Tully puts herself back together is a story worth reading.

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