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Very Mushroom Quiche

A Merry and
A Happy Christmas!

Foodie Lit

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There’s nothing merrier than our Very Mushroom Quiche! Just the thing to bring to a Christmas Eve buffet, a wonderful Christmas Day Brunch and of course great during the rest of the year for any lunch, brunch or light dinner.


Quiche is elegant, so appropriate for holiday meals. You can easily make it a day or two ahead of time. Quiche freezes well and so lightens the schedule of your baking and cooking. Make in stages by preparing the crust ahead of time.


For mushroom lovers everywhere, you really can’t have enough mushrooms in a given week. This recipe packs them in yet remains light and creamy.  Make a second and freeze it.

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Mothers who disappear or are in jail. Fathers who die or have hidden identities. Children who search for their parents and try to find them or substitutes.

The quandaries do not end. Husbands with other families. Organized crime lurking. Racial and religious identities threatening .

Florence Osmund is fascinated with identity and family. In Nineteen Hundred Days, The Coach House and Daughters, she disturbs the smooth surface of the life of her characters. She removes their safety and then allows them to develop strength and safety for themselves.

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