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Chicken Strudel

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Foodie Lit

Looking for a beautiful presentation for a spectacular luncheon or dinner?  Chicken Strudel is just the recipe for you.  Sautéed boneless chicken, mushrooms, fresh basil wrapped in phyllo dough. Slice it up and drizzle a little tomato garlic sauce on top. Everyone will ooh and aah and continue to do so when tasting the strudel.  We offer a vegan and a fish version. All are very good-looking and equally tasty!


Make the day ahead of time so you can sit down refreshed with friends or family or a special romantic meal for two, with plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day.

The Kitchen Brigade.jpg

Laurie Boris told me it was both fun and terrifying to write her dystopian novel, The Kitchen Brigade. There is a long history of these novels, perhaps the most famous is Orwell’s 1984. These are grim views of the future.


Laurie places her main scenes in the kitchen. She explained, “I liked the focus of the kitchen because of the universality and the comfort it creates. It transcends language and cultural differences. It’s a refuge as well as a hotbed of conflict.” A frightening look at a future we hope will never come.

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