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A Salad Dressing a Day

Sunday: Avocado-Lemon Dressing.

Monday: Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Tuesday: Dijon Dressing

Wednesday: Fast Honey-Mustard Salad Dressing TasteofHome

Thursday: Roasted Garlic

Friday: All Purpose Shaker Vinaigrette JoyofKosher

Saturday: Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette Redbookmagazine

Salad dressings are easy to put together.  You can whisk in a bowl, puree in a blender or shake in a jar. Any of these methods can be done in 5 minutes or less and you have homemade preservative-free dressings, great for salads. Many commercial salad dressings are often high in sugar, salt and chemicals.  Cheaper, more nutritious and so easy to make, homemade dressings give salads a tang, a sweetness or a pique to draw you to eating salads frequently!  Homemade dressings keep in the refrigerator for 7-10 days.

Traditional salad dressing ratio:

3 parts oil or fat

1 part vinegar



Sweeteners: (add to taste)

Maple syrup, honey, agave, stevia, brown sugar, jam


Emulsifers (to make creamy and keep from separating)

Mustard, humus, avocado, soaked nuts, mayonnaise



Herbs and spices

minced garlic, ginger, herbs

Salt, pepper


Soy sauce and sesame oil

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