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Foodie Lit reviews Laura Wharton's Julia's Garden. Landscape designer Lily McGuire takes over a landscaping job after her boss unexpectedly dies. She follows the clues to solve a long ago disappearance through a buried brooch and an unusual collection of toxic plants! Lily takes out time to eat Sweet Potato Pie at the restaurant of the same name and we share the restaurant's recipe!

Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob

We send our prayers to those suffering from Hurricane Harvey and salute the everyday heroes who have been helping friends, neighbors and strangers. American helpers of different races, religions and ethnic groups, who reach out to those in need, inspire us.

Deli Burger, Beanie Burger and Cheesy Veggie Stack

Slider Bites

Mini is king! Meaty, Cheesy or Vegan Sliders are fun for a party, kids’ dinner or lunchbox.


The variations of these mini bites are up to your imagination.  We offer a few here and let us know your own creations.  Click here to whet your appetite!

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