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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

3 Bean Salad 3.jpg

Three Plus Bean Salad with leftover ideas

Three Bean Salad is a salad just waiting for your creative touch!


1. Try beans of any sort—use three of your favorites or as many as you like. 

2. Try a variety of onions—red, yellow, the milder shallots, chives or green onions. Use minced radishes if you have an allium allergy.

3. Experiment with oils and try vinegar instead of lemon juice.

4. Some like a sweeter taste—add sugar, honey or Stevia to your liking. 


We often decide what goes in this salad by what is in our

pantry and refrigerator. You don't have some ingredients, be creative. 


If you don't finish the salad, try some of our leftover ideas--use in tacos, make into a soup or try into a bean burger. That’s what makes this salad so versatile and great!

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