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                                  is a unique approach to everyday cooking that develops easy to follow and customizable recipes.  Whether meat and potatoes are your thing or your menu is mostly fruits and vegetables, we teach you to improvise on a daily basis.

Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob, everydayhappyfoods

Happy Mother's Day

Letting mom sleep in and preparing her a delicious homemade waffle breakfast will always make her feel that you care for her. Celebrate this day with any special person in your life!

Waffles are easy to make from scratch if you have a waffle maker or you can always use store bought.


The special part is the toppings, which you can arrange in bowls or add them already to the waffle for a fun presentation!

Try setting a waffle station up on the table with all kinds of toppings in bowls to make your own custom waffle!


I love you a waffle lot!  

Get ready for a Happy Mother's Day!


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