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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Extra Fancy

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays! Great food, friends and family and a wonderful history.


Here are a few easy tips to fancy up your day:


  1. A few beautiful, fancy and great tasting stuffings.

  2. Great stuffing add-ins

  3. Some great turkey substitutes

  4. Making your pies presentation great

  5. Easy Thanksgiving decorations

And have fun with our Thanksgiving quiz or save it for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Quiz

1. When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

2. Who was at the first celebration?

3. How long did the first Thanksgiving last?

4. Was the following food served at the first Thanksgiving? 

a. Turkey

b. Stuffing

c. Mashed potatoes

d. Corn

e. Barley

f. Venison

g. Beef

5. How did the Pilgrims come up with the idea of Thanksgiving?

6. Which president made Thanksgiving a national holiday?

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