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Crispy Cider Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas

Low in cholesterol and an excellent source of protein and fiber, roasted chickpeas are high in flavor. What a great snack or addition to salads! With canned chickpeas, they are so easy to prepare.


Put them out on the table, and this light, crispy and salty snack (who could ask for more!) will quickly disappear.


Many thanks to Paula Roy for creating the recipe!

Roasted Crispy Chick peas

Foodie Lit

Lynnda Pollio's Trusting the Currents is a book

like no other. “I didn't know I was writing a book.

I just started hearing a Black,Southern woman's

voice guiding me to write down her words, which

were wise and wild. Two years later, I had the

first draft of an unexpected novel. It took another

8 years of me fighting this story, editing, giving

up, and reconnecting until I finally surrendered to the truth that I was born to bring this book and its wisdom and love into the world.”


Lynnda didn’t know if her book would ever be published and took a leap, publishing it independently. To her surprise, the book went on to win12 literary awards, including the BRAG Medallion. 

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