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Great Back to School Breakfasts

Here are great breakfasts to start the school year.  From pancakes to muffins, these breakfasts give needed energy for a busy day, Muffins are a favorite as they are so versatile for breakfast or a snack. Make 2-3 dozen and freeze and you're all set for several weeks.


Planning ahead reduces the rush in the morning. Make a menu of breakfasts for the week, have your ingredients at home and make as many as possible ahead of time. While we think of these time saving tips at the beginning of school, they are handy not only for school children, but for all of us with busy schedules. 


As a caregiver for an almost 102 mom, I find my day has less stress when I have organized shopping and meals each week. One of the best tips I ever received!

Blueberry muffins on dish (1).jpg
Mango-Tango Smoothie
Bran muffins.jpg
Challah French Toast Casserole
Ricotta pancakes 2.jpg
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