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Pumpkin Brownies (Brookies)

This recipe was so loved by my mom and husband that they were scraping the plate for every bit! What a combination of tastes—the wonderful flavor of a pumpkin cookie nestled into a sweet, very moist brownie. Substitutions for gluten/dairy/sugar free included.


This dessert is perfect for a Halloween treat and it’s already on my menu for Thanksgiving! Bake ahead and freeze. Double the recipe--they will be a total success!

Pumpkin brownies 3.jpg

Foodie Lit

Much about daily life in Byzantium, 1039, differs from our lives almost 1,000 years later; Imperial Passions reveals moments that remain the same: joy at a child's birth, sadness at death, fear of war and disease, yearning for safety and comfort. Readers receive tantalizing views of female doctors and empresses, minority groups and generals. It is this detailed portrayal of fascinating historical figures which make this book a great read.

Imperial Passions.jpg
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