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Ice cube trays are not just for water! 

With warm weather upon us, cold drinks are a must. Here are some clever ice cubes that add flavor and coldness to your drinks.


We saw a great blog on our friend Rich Alea’s blog who got the idea from Crazy Pics and Clips videos and there are LOADS of blogs and videos to help us cool off in the summer.


We tried freezing mint leaves and lemon slices in an ice cube tray and then adding a few of each to our home made iced tea! Perfect for sitting on the porch on our already balmy Charleston evenings. That’s only the beginning!


Try these suggestions and make up your own.  There’s no limit—except what you can fit into an iced cube tray!



  1. Raspberries and strawberries in water. Add to seltzer for a cold berry fizz.

  2. Mint leaves in water. Add white rum, seltzer, lime juice for a cold and welcome mojito

  3. Coffee. Then to add cold coffee for a non-watery iced coffee.

  4. Orange and cranberry juices and lemonade. Add to seltzer. Mmmm good!

  5. Orange juice and red cherry. Add to white rum.

Check out the Crazy Cips and Pics video for an easy and foot tapping tutorial!

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