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Her father and later her half-brother were her masters.  But family ties did not free her nor guarantee fair treatment. Sarah’s situation worsens, becoming so horrific that she fears for her life from her step-brother-master’s brutality. Sarah Kinney Lewis, born into slavery in 1790, finally escapes to Simcoe, Canada in 1822 with three of her children. Read Susan's Foodie Lit review of David Beasley's Sarah's Journey.

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Strawberry-Asparagus Salad

Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob
Strawberry-Asparagus Salad

A little savory and a little sweet—and very fast and delicious!


This is a great summer lunch or side for a dinner. And it’s perfect as school begins for busy parents and teachers!  Roast the asparagus the night before to save time and toss in the morning for a lunch, whether at home or at work.


Create the salad for a side dish with pasta primavera or pasta pesto—and the entire family will be treated to a fabulous meal!

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